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Kirby Tracy and family, Robert Downs, Alice McKinney, Donnie Hall, Ed Safaryan, Sergio Sosa & Family, Ken Brownlee, Jason Deane, Jay Rogers.

Thanks for another great turnout. Slight change to the introductions as I asked the members to point out any present faults with their Rovers.

This was very entertaining. If I have missed any one or not quite accurate send the club an email of your problems.

Still working on Pictures on emails but I gave Donnie a flash drive with Hill country Rally and last Years Scarr pictures.

Kirby is planning a trip to Colorado in July. Contact Kirby for details.

Also there is a new possibility of a new 4x4 place to ride. Ken and Paul Kelly are sending me details.

If interested I noticed that Opposite Jax’s on our club night there is a gathering of old British bikes check them out before or after our meeting.

The Isle of man TT has 3 days left, check out the time trial race of speeds of up to 200 mph on a 37 mile road. Fantastic event Velocity channel at 10:00pm


Andy Scarth