Houston Land Rover Club

About the Houston Land Rover Club ...

We are a conglomeration of all types of people:

  • We own Discoveries, Range Rovers, Defenders, Free Landers, and/or Series vehicles.
  • We are different ages, genders, cultures.
  • We come from all types of backgrounds and life experiences.
  • We have many different careers and hobbies.

But, we have this in common:
We love our Land Rovers and thoroughly enjoy spending time with our fellow Land Rover owners.

Events and Meetings...

We hold a monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM at Jax Grill, in Houston, Texas.   We also meet up for other events:  Monster Garages, Coffee Time, Off-roading, Picnics, Wine tours, etc.   Check out our event list to see what is coming up.  Our events tend to get posted a few weeks before the event.